The smallest konfyt MMS locator GF-08 in the global market
Issue Time:2016-12-05

Our company launched a smallest konfyt MMS locator GF-08 in the global market!!! Only a small piece of konfyt size with delicate manual work, it is the smallest MMS locator currently on the market, the enhanced alarm locator is a best cost-effective product among base station positioning products, it is for high-end customers with higher requirements, let you really buy it with happy utilization. It is not fake product which adopts low inferior chip, low cost and poor quality.
Product advantages:
1. It is the only one which can find the location on the map of the mobile phone among all similar products, the user also can directly reply messages in Chinese, reply the photo with MMS and record with TF card slot, power inquiry, callback with sound detecting, reply with mobile monitoring MMS back and environmental monitoring View platform trajectory display, 
2. If the user would often fine the sound, just create the monthly friendship number by calling 10086, it's only need five yuan in the whole month.
3. This product does not require any other platform, the user can use it for lifelong free of charge. Just sending a message to the alarm locator, the user can reply the below address information + map, operation is very simple, settling a matter at one go:
4. This product is the only one with the function of auto charge boot in the market, that is connection power supply. When the alarm locator exhausts 10% of electricity, the product automatically sends a text messages to remind charging. After shutdown, charging products will be automatically switched on and continue to charge.
Warning: SIM card must be inserted when charging.
5. The location inquiry And track position :
Whether the alarm locator is placed on the cart or in a child bag, or in the pocket of an old man, the user can send SMS to the alarm locator through the mobile phone, to inquire the alarm locator location, which will help you to make a whole-process monitor, to master the location of the object real time. Visit our website http; // enter the account number and password.


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