Power Bank PB02

Ultra Slim 8000mAh Power Bank,2-Port Ultra Portable Phone Charger ,External Battery with QC3.0 High-Speed Charging Technology, Hand Friendly Power Bank, Perfectly designed for iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, Samsung, and Other Smartphones

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Proven Durability and Smooth Surface

PB02 power bank’s housing is A quality lever,which use Fire-proof material.The surface treatment is smooth and comfortable,which do not have glitch or Rugged. Moreover,Product appearance gap is very few.

Dual Version and Capacity

PB02 is 3.7V/8000mAh capacity Lithium polymer battery with QC3.0 and common versions in the same paragraph.

Charge Faster

With fast charging speed,QC3.0 version with multiple output voltage option as 5V / 2.1A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A,you can charge any device in the shortest possible time.

Safety Through Quality

The inner chip and PCB board of our power bank use A quality lever material. power bank have the chip for Short circuit protection, over temperature protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection.

الصمام Lآيتs

The small blue lights flash to indicate the battery volume and low battery for charge request.There is also one white light can used as be flashlights.


It can be used for all devices with USB charging, such as mobile phones, PSP, IPOD, MP3, MP4, PMP, GPS, Bluetooth, digital cameras.


General points


8800mAh,charged by computer USB port or by mobile phone's charger

Operating display

Blue indicator lights flashes in turn when it is charging, and keep blue when fully charged



On-off mode

Connect the power bank with the mobile phone with the cable, the power bank will charge the phone automatically

Housing type

قذيفة من البلاستيك

واجهة الإدخال

Micro USB (5Pin Micro USB)

واجهة الانتاج

USB (4Pin USB-A Port) x2

أضواء LED

With flashlight lighting function


مساهمة الجهد

5V ± 0.5V

المدخلات الحالية

500-2000mA (Max)


No load voltage

5.00V ± 0.25V

Load voltage


الانتاج الحالي

1.0A/2.1A / 1.0A/(QC3.0fast charge)

انتاج الطاقة

5W / 10.5W

معلمة أخرى

Load check

Connect the power bank output with the load, the output will automatically charge load

الحالية هادئة


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Average operating efficiency

86٪ -90٪

الوقت تهمة

ساعات 5-6

دورة الزمن

> مرات 400


Over charge voltage

4.30V ± 0.05V

أكثر من الحالية

2.5A (typical)

Under voltage


قصر الدائرة

<200μs shut down output

اشياء اخرى

عرض الصمام

Indicator light flashs from 25% to 100% in turn when it is charging, and keep white when fully charged.

وظائف أخرى

Output can recover automatically after short-circuit protection, over load protection or over discharge protection.


The product support most mobile phone for IPHONE, for SAMSUNG,for HTC, for NOKIA, for HUAWEI, for ZTE etc.,digital product like MP3,MP4, for ipad etc.,as well as many mobile equipment powered by 5V power supply for PSP, GPS etc.In addition ,QC3.0 version to support for fast protocol QC3.0 charging equipment.


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