FPV Goggles ViewOptixHD VOHD720 con built-in AV e HDMI Source DVR

06 Aug | by Flysight | , Newsroom

The rate at which people drone, skydive or view the earth from above is rapidly increasing, so many people have that in their bucket list as a fun activity they will like to do which now makes the FPV market popular. So many people will love to document this activity on line and will therefore purchase FPV Goggles which are hd sunglasses with a small video camera and an analogue transmitter with means to a live video down-link commonly displayed on occhiali video or a portable monitor.

The rapid growing FPV market designs new FPV equipment’s all the time to meet the need of the users and the latest equipment is the FPV Goggles ViewOptixHD VOHD720 with built-in AV and HDMI Source DVR. The beauty of this goggle is in the 7 inch low latency LCD screen which means it cannot black out even when the battery is low or there is no signal and it has the best reception which gives the user less trouble in getting to a location before it can receive a signal.

Another beautiful feature is the focal distance which can be adjusted to suit you in order to sharpen the image you want to capture and it reduces heat with the built-in fan that is controlled by a button. The built-in AV and HDMI Source DVR is also a feature you need to see, you can watch a movie or play a video game on your TV by just connecting the source to an external receiver and it can also help a pilot or skydiver record flights on the drone for that first person view they want to achieve and the image quality is amazing as you can select which image you prefer from the dual feature.

The FPV Goggles ViewOptixHD VOHD720 has a NTSC/PAL mode auto switching which allows the user to view the image properly in whichever format as the ViewOptixHD auto-recognizes every format. The Goggle comes in a special material to help protect the item and the design is called patent which accumulate all the features of this equipment and lastly, the equipment comes with a zipper that can accommodate all the accessories needed or this item which makes running around easier without misplacing or forgetting something.

After the amazing review and setbacks gotten, FPV Goggles decided to come up with this beautiful design with the features users are requesting for to get those images they will love to look at afterwards. This equipment is very light, portable and rest on the forehead/cheek instead of the bridge of the nose which can be uncomfortable sometimes and it has three straps to hold your head very well, the straps also help avoid light entering the screen and disrupting the beautiful image or video you see.

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