Mini HD Projector F20

720P projector with Dual Octa Core and 4K decode function,Mini Portable Smart Digital Pocket Multimedia Projector for Home/Office/outdoor



Core Parameters 

F20 is a DLP projector can support throwing, back projection, desktop and ceiling. Its 2000 lumens/500ANSI 1280 x 800 native resolution,max support 4k decoding, 13000:1 contrast make the picture clearly. 

Android 4.4.2 OS with 2.0GHz Octa-Core CPU + Octa-Core GPU, make the system more stable. you can download any app you want. 

15000mAh Battery

Built-in 15000mah high efficient polymer lithium rechargeable battery, which can use for 150mins.

Lamp on DLP Ray Machine

OSRAM LED lamp up to 30000hours life.

Touch Panel

Easy to adjust and control various function.Applying touch panel as PC, people must be more familiar with such way. More simple and direct operation take a more pleasant experience to you.

Also can control the projector by mouse and remote controller through dual front and back reception.


A variety of interfaces:2x HDMI1.3, 2x USB, IWB,TF Card(max 64G), SPDIF, Audio out, Power ON/OFF, Power in.

For external PC connection, please plug USB connector to the PC and the other mini-USB into the port marked IWB on the projector. Connect the HDMI Out of the PC to the HDMI Input on the as well.

Double Wifi

F20 projector with internal antenna and wireless Bluetooth4.0. Double Wifi are also supported including 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz, whose transfer speed is three times as single wifi. The projector can connect Wifi source even through a wall to enjoy your games,movies and TV on a large screen.

Keystone Correction

Support ±50 degree Auto Keystone Correction,easily correct the distorted image as a normal image.

Double Cooling System

Two independent air-cooled radiators to coordinate operation.

Sound Cavity

Two inside sound cavities,which make fiber optic audio output / surround sound.

Mini and Portable

Only 2.2 lbs(980g) portable and convenient to use, easy to carry, best partner for travel.





   Product type

   Household projector; business projector; LED projector

   Projection technique  


   Display chip

   DLP imaging, 0.45 DMD imaging chip


   2000 lumen /500ANSI



   Standard resolution


   Max resolution


   Brightness mode

   Support (high /mid/ low brightness adjustment)

   Color number

   107 billion color

   Color parameter


   Adjust (height, contrast, saturation, sharpness)

   Lamp life



   Projective dimension


   Projective ratio


   Trapezoidal correction range


   Screen scale


   Off-axis projection

   100% offset(flat desktop without occlusion )



   Projection mode

   Front projection, rear projection, hanging projection


    Wireless access

   Android equipment: Security superior 4.2 Miracast protocol, DLNA protocol, Win8.1 wireless connection  

Apple Devices: Airplay protocol,  

Windows devices: WIN8.1 wireless connection, WIN7 can install software to make  wireless connection

   Input interface

   USB*2,TF card*1,HDMI*2,MIC*1;TF Slot card support 64G 

   Output interface

   1*3.5mmearphone interface,SPDIFfiber digital), Bluetooth output


   Network intelligence

   Built in Android system, 2.4G/5G network, office file direct reading, high-definition video playback, online video playback


   (8 CPU+8 GPU)

   Operation system






   Control way

   Touch panel, remote controller, mouse, mobile phone remote control



   WIFI network

   Support 802.11b/g/n(2.4G+5G)





   30WStandby power: less than 1W  

   Power performance

   AC100-240V,50/60HZ,input DC15V/4A


   Built-in battery

   polymer 15000mAH

   Product size


   Main body weight


   Working temperature


   Working humidity



Dual Octa-Core intelligent business home entertainment projector


There is rarely 16 core of strong inner core 

Android 4.4.2 OS with 2.0GHz Octa-Core CPU + Octa-Core GPU, make the system more can download any app you want.

Dual Octa-Core for 4K hard decoding Is so tough 

Powerful, easy to run large software and play ultra-high-definition 4K movies, touch agility, smooth operation

Quad-core processor slow buffering

High-speed Octa-Core processor response quickly

High transmittance coating lens clear imaging with focal length fixing

0.45inch DMD imaging chip, DLP imaging technology, restores 10.7 million color

High illumination and contrast 

Three Modes are Switched at Any Time 

 Highlight mode

  View mode 

  Power saving mode

Dual-frequency wifi, which is a quick move 

Built-in removable wifi signal gain antennas, which transmit data at the same time as 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, the speed is much faster than single-frequency wifi.

Built-in bluetooth wireless connection, Support dual mode 802.11N wireless network, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz both transmit data at the same time.


Dual reception on remote controller 

Operate the projector by remote controller through dual front and back reception,which makes wide receiving range.

Intelligent same screen by wifi 

Super cool playing games   visual excellent experience

Active shutter 3D technology bring a healthy immersion mode 

Throwing 100inch screen at 2m Enjoy private cinema shock at home

350 inches of big screen projection, the gorgeous picture doubly wonderful 

The innovative 350 inch projection screen, 0.45 DMD imaging chip, DLP imaging technology,supports 10.7 billion color color display, the quality of the painting is clear and fine, make your horizon larger and more realistic.


±50°Automatic trapezoidal correction, lying down to pursue the show 


    Industry mature scheme of optical projection, support ±50° trapezoidal correction, no matter the projector will be placed above or below the screen, can automatically adjust to the standard distance image, watching with lying can also be at ease.




150 minutes long life, immersed in the movie world 

Built - in 15000 MAh high efficient rechargeable battery, directly working without power supply, complete weight of only 980 g,  can also be carried during travel.

Various modes of manipulation, operation will be arbitrary 

Touch pad,remote control,wireless mouse, three ways you choose to adjust to the family's behavior


PC level touch panel Do as your wishes between fingertips 

Using the notebook special pressure sensitive track-pad, simple operation, more consistent with the public use habits, the operation of complex documents is simpler and directer, to avoid the embarrassment of hurry-scurry when using remote controller.




Built - in system interface is rich, can meet a variety of requirements 

Built - in Android system, HDMI interface, direct reading TF card, mobile hard drive, can connect mobile phones, tablet PCs,blue-tooth speakers, game handles and so on.





Double cooling system to give you a quiet space 

Using double cooling system, two independent air-cooled radiators to coordinate operation, lasting cooling for F20, greatly reduce the heat generated by the traditional working projection, quiet and silent during the operation.


Various modes of manipulation, operation will be arbitrary 

Touch pad,remote control,wireless mouse, three ways you choose to adjust to the family's behavior

What's Included? 


1x 1280*800 projector

1x 15V/4A power adapter

1x Remote controller

1x Manual



The standard accessoired are included here;if you need more personalized parts,you can tell the details,we will try our best to meet you. 



Why choose F20 projector? 



1. This projector how long is the life of light?
-The lamp life is >30000 hours.
2. How can I use my ipad to projector?
-You can refer to the User Manual: Point 6"Connect external devices",Click"Input source setting''on the projector's "setting''page to select the corresponding source chanel to realize external signal access.
3. How long does the battery last?
-The 15000 Mah Built-in battery can work about 150 Minutes.
4. How many Lumens?
-The illumination is 2000lumen/500ANSI.


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